domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008


How did "bridesmaids" come to be? According to some website that may have no historical accuracy, in ancient times bridesmaids would wear similar outfits to the bride to confuse evil spirits. Another website references a similar story, but the bridesmaids functioned to ward off literal thugs and thieves on the way to the groom's village.

Anyway, this weekend I was a bridesmaid. I did not ward off any thugs (nor evil spirits, as far as I know). I did not wear a dress similar to the bride's. But I did wear a beautiful cranberry dress to contrast the white one worn by the most beautiful bride. And I did not guide her to her groom's village...which I guess would be Richardson?...but the bridesmaids did accompany her to the reception where we got our groove on. It was truly a magical weekend, serene and hopeful, overflowing with love.

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