jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

seasons and smells

Fall is maybe my favorite season. I hate to select just one season to be my favorite, seeing as all the seasons have something unique and beautiful to offer. Who doesn't love snuggling up in the winter time, Christmas carols, and a handsome new scarf? Or the blooming flowers, dew, and liveliness of springtime? How about the barbecues, late nights, and carefree spirit of summer time?

But fall is an absolutely enchanting season. The warm yellows, deep reds, and burnt oranges create such a beautiful scenery that it's hard not to marvel. And one of my favorite things about fall is the way it smells. First off, the air is much crisper in the fall, as compared to the mugginess of the summer. People begin to have bonfires and the smoke adds to the wonderful scent of fall air. Inside, I try and burn my "cinnamon gingerbread" candle or bake my new favorite recipe (pumpkin bread) to keep the fall spirit alive in our home.

Thanksgiving is the quintessential fall holiday, and one I did not get to celebrate last year. I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family over the most delicious meal we may get to eat all year.

May we all enjoy this fall and remember to keep celebrating no-stress-November!

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katie dijo...

mmmmhmm pumpkin bread... me likey!

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