viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008


Last week, I got a package from Spain. Simply receiving the package with my friend Dani's handwritten address was a joy in and of itself. But I was even happier to open it and discover what he had sent me: a book and a webcam!!!
Dani and I do what the spanish call an "intercambio", or language exchange. While lately we've been speaking mainly in Spanish, we speak both english and spanish to help improve the other's second language. It has been amazing! I have improved my speaking skills more in the states than I did in Spain!

Anyway, I decided that a webcam is one of the worst presents you can get for me because it's all I do! I will be typing up homework and I find that thirty minutes later I've done nothing (except discover that I didn't know my face could look like that!) . So, anyway, I hope you all enjoy the silly pictures we've been taking. I LOVE WEBCAMS!!!

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Lauren Madison dijo...

oh gosh, I love these pictures :)

I wanna play on that web cam, girl!!!