domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

family portraits.

I snapped these photos yesterday and thought I would post them because I like how they turned out.


Brother Paul

sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2008

new year's look.

This entry's model is Lexi Hauptmann (before photo above), one of Carlie's best friends! Thanks to Lexi for letting me have free reign over her face!
I decided with New Year's coming up, that I wanted to play around with a classic "going out" look. One huge misunderstanding about said look is that it requires massive amounts of makeup. WRONG!!! I can't emphasize enough how untrue that fact, at the end of getting her makeup done, Lexi commented, "It feels really light!"
So, for Lexi, I used light foundation with a little concealer...she has perfect skin...and focused on the eyes. She has big beautiful brown eyes so I used a champagne colored base eyeshadow with navy in the crease to really bring them out. A little shine stick smudged on the inner corner of her eyes, pinkest of pink blush on the cheeks, shiny lipgloss and Lexi looked like she was ready for a night on the town!
Here are the snapshots:

what I used:

FACE: bare escentuals FAIRLY LIGHT; sonia kashuk concealer

EYES: Shroom by MAC; Vixen by too faced; Root Beer by Bedhead; EyeBright by Benefit

CHEEKS: Who's Your Daddy? by too faced

LIPS: Nude Flash by Maybelline

jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2008

the first victim.

My beautiful little sister, Carlie, was willing to be my first victim on this make-up blog experiment. The above photo is the before picture we took of her.

Carlie has had eczema, a skin condition, since she was little. For those of you unfamiliar with this condition, it leaves the skin unbearably dry and patchy if untreated. So, before I started Carlie's make-up, I was sure to use a moisturizer (which is recommended even for those of you that don't have eczema!)

The look I did on Carlie is one that I jokingly called "The New Yorker," mainly because it looks effortless but has a big pop of red-lip gloss to create a flawless finish. In my head, it's the perfect look for the city because it takes virtually no time, but makes a statement.

What I used:
Light Bare Escentuals foundation, Sonia Kashuk concealer under the eyes
Eyeshadows: "Shroom" by MAC
"Glamazon" by Too Faced
Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Volum Express
Blush: "Lust to Love" by Too Faced
Gloss: "Strawberry my Daiquiri" by the Balm

viernes, 19 de diciembre de 2008

new camera.

Makeup blog, here I come! I got my Christmas present a few days early this year and I'm so pumped about it! It's a Canon PowerShot SX110. I've spent the whole day reading online articles about ISO, aperture and shutter settings, and proper lighting. I'm really excited to cultivate this new desire to take quality pictures, instead of just longing after the compositions of photographically talented friends. So, here are a few shots from this afternoon!

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008


Finally, finals are nearly finished. Thank goodness. I'm usually a stress case, but I'm glad to say that I handled this round of finals with much more poise. It's such a liberating thought to think that only one more set of these horrendous tests are in my future.

Christmas break means going back to Mandeville, humble hometown. I plan on being productive over the next few weeks.
Here's a glimpse into what I want to accomplish:

1) Complete my Teach in Spain application--see foto of Sevilla, where I hope to be!

2) Find a paid marketing internship for summer '09
3) See my dad play in one of his Blues gigs in New Orleans (note his idol, Stevie Ray Vaughn)

4) Read: Mere Christianity and El Alquimista
5) Compete (and win) in the annual Gingerbread House competition at the Gilbert's house

6) Start my make-up blog!

viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

i love love.

Do you have to have a "significant other" to love love?

If so, I'm a rule breaker. I'm absolutely enamoured with love (namely romance). Hand holding, love songs, poetry. I'm a sucker for the stuff.

My thorough education in Spanish literature has only added to the vice. Pablo Neruda's love poems absolutely pierce my soul.

Any Juanes lovesong lyrics have the same effect:
"Quiero vencer el miedo inmenso de morir y ser eterno junto a ti"--
"I want to conquer the immense fear of dying and be eternal together with you"
...That translation doesn't do it justice.
The beauty found in two people seeing a spark in one another, venturing to explore the other's infinite soul, simply takes my breath away. {Le sigh}