sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2008

new year's look.

This entry's model is Lexi Hauptmann (before photo above), one of Carlie's best friends! Thanks to Lexi for letting me have free reign over her face!
I decided with New Year's coming up, that I wanted to play around with a classic "going out" look. One huge misunderstanding about said look is that it requires massive amounts of makeup. WRONG!!! I can't emphasize enough how untrue that is...in fact, at the end of getting her makeup done, Lexi commented, "It feels really light!"
So, for Lexi, I used light foundation with a little concealer...she has perfect skin...and focused on the eyes. She has big beautiful brown eyes so I used a champagne colored base eyeshadow with navy in the crease to really bring them out. A little shine stick smudged on the inner corner of her eyes, pinkest of pink blush on the cheeks, shiny lipgloss and Lexi looked like she was ready for a night on the town!
Here are the snapshots:

what I used:

FACE: bare escentuals FAIRLY LIGHT; sonia kashuk concealer

EYES: Shroom by MAC; Vixen by too faced; Root Beer by Bedhead; EyeBright by Benefit

CHEEKS: Who's Your Daddy? by too faced

LIPS: Nude Flash by Maybelline

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