domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008


Finally, finals are nearly finished. Thank goodness. I'm usually a stress case, but I'm glad to say that I handled this round of finals with much more poise. It's such a liberating thought to think that only one more set of these horrendous tests are in my future.

Christmas break means going back to Mandeville, humble hometown. I plan on being productive over the next few weeks.
Here's a glimpse into what I want to accomplish:

1) Complete my Teach in Spain application--see foto of Sevilla, where I hope to be!

2) Find a paid marketing internship for summer '09
3) See my dad play in one of his Blues gigs in New Orleans (note his idol, Stevie Ray Vaughn)

4) Read: Mere Christianity and El Alquimista
5) Compete (and win) in the annual Gingerbread House competition at the Gilbert's house

6) Start my make-up blog!

2 comentarios:

bigcitypretty dijo...

Please do not go to Spain- I am hardly recovered from the separation grieving from the last time! Argh, I guess you can go ahead and "follow your dreams" if you must.

Lauren Madison dijo...

mmm, love those goals, Smiller. Maybe I should build a ginger-bread house as well :) Call me over the break if you get bored! love you!