viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

i love love.

Do you have to have a "significant other" to love love?

If so, I'm a rule breaker. I'm absolutely enamoured with love (namely romance). Hand holding, love songs, poetry. I'm a sucker for the stuff.

My thorough education in Spanish literature has only added to the vice. Pablo Neruda's love poems absolutely pierce my soul.

Any Juanes lovesong lyrics have the same effect:
"Quiero vencer el miedo inmenso de morir y ser eterno junto a ti"--
"I want to conquer the immense fear of dying and be eternal together with you"
...That translation doesn't do it justice.
The beauty found in two people seeing a spark in one another, venturing to explore the other's infinite soul, simply takes my breath away. {Le sigh}