sábado, 21 de marzo de 2009

beach makeover series

During the best week of my life in Destin, Florida, I had the opportunity to do makeovers on all six of my fellow beachgoers. In these next few entries I'll highlight each girl.

Sadie Morgan, one of the most vibrant people you'll ever meet, was the first recipient of a "Miller Face" (we were calling it this at the end of the week...made me really sad I don't have a more interesting last name). Anyway, Sadie has gorgeous skin and shining eyes, so I wanted to make this the emphasis of her makeover.
Beautiful Sadie before:

Beautiful Sadie after:

My favorite part of the whole process? Sadie's reaction. I could tell she felt more confident and beautiful (which is a perfect reflection of the beauty she exudes every minute!) Makeup-artistry has been perpetuated by reactions like little Sadie's.

What I used:
eyes: Sonia Kashuk concealer (under and on lids)
shadows: Too Faced- Steel Magnolias, Too Faced- Glamazon
liner: LeKohl by L'Oreal

cheeks: Too Faced- Caribbean in a Compact

face: Light by Bare Escentuals

lips: Too Faced- Love Bites

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