sábado, 11 de julio de 2009


Since I was 10, my sister Carlie has been my live-in-test-subject. I have subjected her to many makeup and hair horrors. Thanks to her graciousness, she has allowed me to improve my art, many times at the sake of her beauty.
In the days before Katie's wedding, I was determined to get more practice in before the big day. I had bought some *smashbox makeup, which is formulated for photographing beautifully. I am truly impressed with the purchase, and I would recommend *Photofinish foundation primer to anyone taking professional photographs. Apply it under any foundation (or my choice: bareMinerals) and your skin will photograph as if "zits" were something you've never heard of.
Below is Carlie's before picture. Here is Carlie with the Photofinish primer and bareMinerals foundation. I want to emphasize the importance of priming one's eyelids before an occasion (say, a wedding) where the makeup has to last all day. It's the only surefire way to keep the eyeshadow going strong! I didn't do too much for Carlie's eyemakeup. Again, I used a smashbox eyeshadow palette, which I used for the base, crease, and eyeliner (smudging the shadow on the lashline with a thin brush). I used the smashbox bronzer, their moisture rich lipgloss and voila! A beautiful look that took approximately 20 minutes! While the look is nothing crazy, it emphasizes Carlie's natural beauty and looks flawless in photographs!

lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

here comes the bride.

It's been months since I've updated, but I'm back with new dedication.

I have just completed a "first" in my life: This 4th of July, I was the makeup artist at my best friend's wedding.

Katie was a breathtaking beauty at her wedding and it is my only hope that she felt as gorgeous as she looked.

Enjoy the pictures:

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